Portrait Of A Mind

by Icons

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This album is the concept of a deconstruction of a family, through the perspectives of the children, mother, father and anyone seeing the destruction of a family from the outside. These songs were written about what has happened, what could happen and what will happen in each of our lives. Recording this album has been everything we have ever wanted to capture in music. Thank you to anyone that gives it a listen



released January 23, 2013

Recording and Mixing - Simon Larochette
Mastering and Editing - Siegfried Meier
Design and Editing - Adam Rinkel
Album Artwork - Allison Pearce



all rights reserved


Icons London, Ontario


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Track Name: The Pendulum / Two Sides
The swing between thoughts and deeds
Separated from what I want and what could never be.
This pendulum will always have two sides.
Swaying between right and wrong, help me overcome.
Two fold force. x4
Bringing decisions in full course.

I'm under the surface
I am gone
Hidden behind the Blind Eye
Blind Eye.
Track Name: Blind Eye / Behind Closed Doors
I will never wear a blind eye.
To mask the problems before us.
My weathered mind cannot hide.
The fact that I've slowly broken .
Off the rust of a mind that's been pushed too far, I didn't doubt you
I should have let this rest
I should have left it alone
Some things are just better left unsaid
A withered burden I carry, in the back of my mind
Pushing and pulling at everything I am
My actions are constant...
A defining act worst than the words that attack and destroy
Everything I am and everyone that ever mean't anything to me and everyone I ever truly loved
Track Name: Passengers / My Burden
This journey to find myself I find
I'm never alone
Constantly relying on others to find my way home
This train has an end
I'm forced to find
I can't keep forcing these answers in the back of my mind
Truthfully I tell you
We should have gone back to the start
But I haven't even begun to fathom how too
What better way to start but to spread ourselves apart
Alone is not seen as the end but a start of something new
Maybe to find the end I have to keeping pushing through
And start from the beginning to make it too
My destination stuck in time
You're finding yours as I'm finding mine

I am just a ghost
See right through me
Hear me, feel me
I am just a ghost
A ghost of myself
See me, hate me
A ghost stuck in time
Shatter me, end me
Track Name: Portrait Of A Mind / Marriage At A Crisis Point
The feeling of a sudden halt
Life set to a stand still
Put your life on hold
And nothing changes
The same places the same faces
Strokes of the brush, never save me
Decisions leave me gasping for air
I share the truth of what I've done
And what I've become
And what can't be undone
I realize that I can't be anything else
Be anyone else
Stuck in an endless loop
keep letting me in on the light that never fades
I need to break this hold
I need out of this potrait
We're in a crisis
We are a crisis
We are the crisis
Track Name: Broken / Fixed
You'll never know what it does to me. This feeling, of regret And un certainty. How does it feel. To know you caused this confusion. I'm picking apart sections of my mind, to find where it all went wrong. Throwing away memories of happiness. Searching through memories to find the mistakes that made me, that made me break, that made me break, that made me break, that made me break...

I made you break? Did you ever think about me. The feelings I have. How one word can tear apart my mind. You're picking apart yours? I'm ripping apart mine. I remember no happiness, just fear and loathing. Those were not mistakes, you needed to break, so I can fix my self.
Those were the mistakes, I needed to break, so I could fix myself
Those were the mistakes, we needed to break, so I could fix myself
Track Name: Splitting Image / What Lies Behind
I once knew a man, who was two
A Splitting image pushing through
The boundaries of reality , he can't contain
His mark on this family, nothing but a stain
Influenced actions, he can't explain
His actions prove his constant pain
Seeking guidance in all the wrong places
See him fall with all his disgraces
To leave this place with bleak excuses
Of times when mistakes were reproduced
To be a person worth remembering
While success was seen as worth taking
Help this man see
That his hopes and dreams will be
Making the same mistakes as me
Splitting image looking back in the mirror
The end always drawing nearer
Always no fear
I know fear