Songs From Home (2012 Home Demo)


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Each track offers a different feel and experience which we hope is a unique take away for everyone that listens, thank you so much for listening.
ICONS // Matt Miller // Tony Casciano // Mack Colvin // Alex Downham // Chris Belanger


released June 9, 2012

Chris McCracken



all rights reserved


Icons London, Ontario


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Track Name: Time and Circumstance
I am what time and circumstance has made me
and I am the man whos times are changing
the times are changing your eyes are fading
hell looks red in all the pictures but ive seen it under a blue sky
and i hear it in your voice
and suddenly things get a little darker and heavier
suddenly things get darker,
and you lose track of who is important
i lost track of myself
with sleepless nights pushed together
by a sun that just won't set for me
And a road that's always winding and empty.
Track Name: Separated
I'm writing a letter to the person I'll become
About the person I once was
About the ways I've come undone
About this person I'll come to despise

The person that I could wish
That wasn't in my future
That something would just give, and break, and break.
And make a way for me
A new light to shine down
Let it fall down on me, let it shine down on me
So I can give myself, a chance to change

So to these rough nights, and whom it may concern
This letter stays unsigned, because I have to wait
Track Name: Lost
That knowing in your eyes, we do this everytime
How everything seems to flow together
And from the greatest heights
Upon these moonless nights
I will remember who we used to be

Because a heart holds no weight in a state like this
Because I've seen the sun rise everyday this week
Because without you, isn't where I want to be
So I'll head west and follow my past self
Until the sun turns me back around

Until the sun turns me back around
I'll head West and follow my past self
Because where I am
Is running in circles
I did this to myself
I made a choice
I'll make a choice
Track Name: Bats
Sent out of what we knew as home
With hands tired and sore
We learned what means the most
And lost what we kept close
I found strength
in a hopeless place
I found life
A reason to go on

Just give up because it's gone
Sent out what we knew as home
We've gone and lost all control
Tell me that it's not too late
Help me find the strength
that has been ripped and torn by fear
Help me find the light
Help make this clear
and give us hope
It's not too late to tell ourselves

Shut in and shut out

Sent out what we knew as home
I will repeat my song
I've found strength in this place
Just give up because it's gone
Track Name: Ghosts
This thought that I have thought,
This mistake I have made,
This common belief I took into my hands & let it shake me,

My mind is barricaded,
My heart closed off by fear,
My ignorance cannot sustain this life so away from home,

I am not satisfied,
I am not who I should be,
I have no one, nowhere to go, no family no home but,

this cannot, portray
my life a grasp just out of reach,
these blistered feet & hands, step by step will persevere when,

I’ll haunt my ghosts,
I’ll face my fears,
Leave, this burden that I know doesn’t belong,
Haunt my ghosts,
Face my fears,
I will never surrender

This misery, is all that I have become
This agony, my mind cannot escape

I have given up
My mind in ruins, I've lost all control of myself
I have given up
A coward, a sneak, a shadow in these streets

This misery, agony, all that I've come to be
Take this pain from these worn hands that are pleading for more
More time, more chances to show.
I'm just a small man that has no where to go